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Reviews from Workshop Participants.
"Good group of people, about the right number. Hands on, get-up-and-do-it activities were very good. I liked the primitive brain and other background for anxiety and stage fright. Use of a microphone was good to experience. I feel my speaking will be improved by attending this workshop."
Pete Mangan
"I liked the practice – making speaking fun and experimental. I didn’t have to order myself a specific way (there are rules, but freedom in the rules, such as walking about the room.) I liked the constructive feedback from you and the group. It helps me to see that I have some skills just like everyone else in the group."
Sarah Halverstadt
"Great activities. Good responses from the group. I liked the way you explained how speaking comes from the ‘inside out;"
Michelle Taylor
"Exercises were excellent. Great comfortable space to try new things. I liked how you came at the material from the internal perspective. It really helps understand what we do when we speak. This workshop can really help you unlock your potential as a speaker. John is a great instructor who leads through example."
Preston Schultz
"Very positive environment. The taping will be interesting to see, and I’m glad we did that. I still don’t ‘believe’ I was as good as the feedback implied, so I look forward to viewing and am thankful."
Josh Steinman
"Great workshop. I loved being able to practice with others. John is a great facilitator and makes you feel at ease. He also pushes you just enough so that you can get a lot out of the class."
Stephanie Bilodeau
"I liked the informal, relaxed setting that allowed me to feel comfortable talking about my particular speaking fears and start addressing them. Throughout the class, I received many tips as to how to improve my presentation. Interestingly enough it was not until I watched the tape that I realized how valuable these tips were. I found that by changing a few things, I became a much better presenter. As I watched the tape, I realized that many of my fears were simply unfounded."
Luis Rivera
"Thanks again for such a wonderful training on Saturday. It was “right on the money,” exactly what I’ve been looking for. I did review the video and was surprised at my powers!"
Gerry Ceccarelli, D.C .
"Great workshop. Great feedback. Very supportive. Taping is a good idea. I learned a lot."
Daphne Blumenthal
"You are a wonderful facilitator - you understand how to get the best from people and assist them in a non-judgmental fashion to get them to express themselves fully."
Michael Baekboel
"I felt like I had complete control to overcome my fears because audience perception was explained thoroughly and logically"
Tina Edward
"I liked the supportive and fun atmosphere. Your facilitation felt very passionate and relaxed. It fully met my expectations for a 7-hour workshop."
Dietmar Brinkmann
"I learned a lot, not just from what I did and from what you said, but also by watching the other participants. Your direction showed experience and knowledge and a great deal of caring and compassion. You were really good."
Susan Hesse
"I liked the taping, the practice in front of an audience, the risk-free environment, the positive feedback, and the encouragement to try new things."
Ann Tardy
"As you implied at the beginning of that day, taking your class did change my life in some significant way. My confidence level about public speaking and my own worth, the value of what I have to say, has practically soared."
Niki Smith
"Thank you for the amazing experience I had at your Speaking Freely class. In fact, I’ve told all my friends about it — expect a few to come your way! You established such a great environment for facing my fears, challenging myself, and learning how to be more comfortable in the spotlight. I really left the day with more confidence, and had so much fun in the process. What a beautiful group of people your class brought together! For me, it really de-mystified public speaking."
Maria Porter
"I liked the setting, class size, format, positive feedback, multiple speaking opportunities, and direction that you provided."
Doug Pringle
"The workshop provided an excellent opportunity to confront my discomfort with public speaking in a friendly, safe environment."
Joel Smith
"It was great how the work was structured in a building block format. Each experience sets up the next. It was awesome."
Roberta Delgado

"Engaging speech format.  Great teacher.  Videotaping is good.  Very easy environment and supportive people.  Great feedback by teacher."

Santosh Shah
"I'm writing to let you know I won't be needing another class...your workshops cured me! I've been very busy lately and have not experienced any of those "nervous attacks" that brought me to you in the first place. I feel that working in a safe environment with you and the other participants was a major factor in getting me past that difficult period. Thank you so much.  You were a great and sensitive facilitator. If you ever need a testimonial, I'd be happy to comply."
Cynthia Cristilli
"The exercises built gradually in length and complexity.  You allowed enough time for individual feedback and guided it creatively. Fine use of humor and stories to illustrate your points.  Clear and simple breakdown of the elements of a good speech.  Excellent handbook further developing the info given in class; very useful reference.  You appeared to really care about each person."
— Carlin Ellison, BNI Cathedral Hill
"John is a master at taking you to not just the "next level," but to a level you may have thought you couldn't ever reach."
— Maureen Smith
"My confidence in public speaking has greatly increased.  I'm looking forward to seeing my tape to see how I came across."
— Donna Jones