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There are several ways to participate in a Speaking Freely program.

All-day public speaking workshops take place every other month at Fort Mason Center in San Francisco. Cost is $180. These 7-hour programs offer extensive experience in natural speaking plus an opportunity to learn techniques for commanding the room and creating a powerful audience connection. Click here for a schedule of upcoming workshops.

Special programs for organizations. A dedicated Speaking Freely workshop is an effective skill-building program for your business, group, or organization. It’s also effective for organizations such as Toastmasters and BNI where members meet weekly and can practice the new skills on a regular basis. Having everyone go through the training together encourages mutual support and team building, and you can really see the changes as people build confidence and presence.

A Speaking Freely program can be held at a location of your choice or at Fort Mason Center where rates are reasonable.

If you’re interested in attending a workshop or if you’d like to schedule a workshop for your club, business, or organization, call John Harrison at 415-647-4700 or email john@speaking-freely.com for available dates. You can also request information on private coaching sessions.