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Private coaching

Having your own coaching session gives you time to work on many things, including the often-formidable task of putting together a talk.

Are you intimidated by the challenge of organizing a presentation? Are you unclear about where to begin? How to end? Or how to organize your key points so that people remember them?

In a private coaching session, we’ll explore your material, establish a clear direction, and come up with an outline and/or mind map you’re comfortable with. Then you’ll be ready to go off and write the talk.

Once you have a draft, I’ll be happy to critique it and offer any suggestions for making it better. Or if you like, I can even write the talk for you.

Finally, you can practice your presentation on video — trimming, tinkering, heightening, focusing until your presentation is just right.

I’ve worked with executives in major corporations as well as those who want to put together a more compelling “elevator talk” for their business networking group.

With a little assist, your presentation will be right on the mark. And you’ll be up there delivering it with confidence.